ID Verification Without Comprimising Privacy, Personal Data & Security

VEEV ID Protects Personal Data, Provides Privacy & Security

Personal Data

Your Personal Data is your Life. By using VEEV ID you can verify your ID without providing your Personal Data.(1)


VEEV ID verifies your ID at stores, bars, events, venues, offices etc so that you don't comprimise your privacy.


VEEV ID can only be accessed from your phone. Your ID is verified using only your @handle. Thus securing your Data & Privacy.

VEEV Wallet

How It Works

1. Sign Up

Verify phone, driver's license, credit card.

2. Scan QR

Scan QR of selected store, venue or event.

3. Checkin

Without sharing personal data, protect your privacy & security.

VEEV Wallet

ID Verification & Guest Checkins For Events, Venues & Business

Buyer ID Verification

VEEV ID is an Identity Verification system. It is built on cutting edge Blockchain technology. It delivers your buisness secure and verified customers.

It enables Instant customer check-ins, eliminating line-ups and queues.

Guest Checkins & Visitor Management

It provides identity verification, eliminating fraud and providing secure transactions.

It is designed to meet compliance requirements. It provides a detailed list of check-ins to meet reporting requirements.

Event Checkins & Attendance Record Keeping

It eliminates typing errors, saving time retyping, in turn saving your business money, increasing accuracy, eliminating line-ups, in turn leading to a better customer experience.

FREE. No monthly fees. No hidden fees. No fees.

Sign Up
Customizable sign-in kiosk Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Choose from 17 languages

Create multiple sign-in kiosks

Display your logo and custom colors

Add a rotating, full-screen slideshow to the kiosk

Create a fully custom design for the kiosk

flow Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Create custom fields and questions

Easy sign-in for unlimited visitors

Recognize returning and expected visitors

Show a custom message, video, or image

Support offline sign-in

Have visitors sign legal documents

Capture guest photos with iPad camera

Customize sign-in flow per visitor type

Automatically provision Wi-Fi details

Visitor dashboard Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Customize columns and layout

See a list of expected visitors

See guests’ previous visits

See real time visitor log

Sign in visitors manually

Sign out and delete visitors in a click

Sort, filter, and export visitor data

View analytics to reveal visitor trends

Legal documents Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Automatically email signed copy to the visitor

Automatically send signed copy to email address

Automatically store signed documents in Envoy

Prompt guests to re-sign after a number of days

Allow visitors to sign documents before they arrive

Customize legal documents per visitor type

File storage integrations

Badge printing Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Edit badge designs

Include any visitor information on the badge

Preprint and reprint badges

Use expiring badges for extra security

Create custom, color badges with your logo

Customize badges per visitor type

Customize badge design with CSS

Use multiple printers per location

Notifications Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Email host notifications

Passport host notifications

Unattended visitor notifications

Host notification integrations

Add custom details to host notifications

Assistant notifications for executives

SMS host notifications

Blacklist & watchlist security notifications

Pre-registration Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Easy-to-reference list of expected visitors

Employees can pre-register guests

Guests can provide details before they arrive

Send invite emails with helpful custom information

Speed up sign-in when visitors arrive

Pre-register visitors from your web-based calendar

Group sign-in Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Group pre-registration and invite emails

Pair extra iPads to create more sign-in kiosks

Allow guests to sign in with "plus ones"

Sign in groups from the dashboard

Sign-out Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Automatically sign out visitors at midnight

Let employees sign out their own guests

Let visitors sign out on iPad kiosk

Sign out visitors from the dashboard

Envoy Passport mobile app Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Access for employees and administrators

Manage visitor details and expected visitor lists

Sign in faster when you visit other offices

Security and compliance Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Export detailed visitor logs

Visitor data privacy features

SAML single sign-on


Scan IDs and record ID checks


Multi-location management Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Manage multiple locations (pay per location)

1 location Up to 5 Any number Any number

Copy settings to new locations

Global lists for visitors, devices, and more

Activity log of setting changes for all locations

Directory management Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Add unlimited employees to your directory

Up to 50 employees

Manually add employees to any directory

Upload a CSV of employee records

Employee directory integrations

User permissions Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Create a team of administrators

Let employees manage their personal visitors

Assign assistants to greet executives' guests

Cloud-based solution Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Easy setup and deployment

Instantly access new features

Keep maintenance to a minimum

No proprietary on-prem hardware

Enterprise Basic Standard Premium Enterprise

Dedicated sales and success representatives

Edits to Terms of Service or MSA

Fulfill a request for proposal (RFP)

Pay by credit card, invoice, wire, or ACH

Return security questionnaires