About WebGuild

The WebGuild's mission is to organize information and services for the Web industry. The WebGuild fosters information exchange, professional development, and networking designed to keep the Web community on the cutting edge of the field. Engineers, usability & user experience professionals, designers, internet marketers, IT managers, search engine marketers, and entrepreneurs learn about emerging technologies, innovations, business models, and best practices and industry standards in the Web field. Our core areas of focus are in User Experience, Developer Network, and Internet Marketing.

Our membership consists of:

  • 42% Senior Management. Defined as positions at the vice-presidential level or above who are the decision-makers.
  • 41% Technical/Design. Defined as any non-senior management position with a technical or design focus.
  • 10% Freelance. Defined as independent contractors, the self-employed or any other similar situation.
  • 7% Business. Defined as any non-senior management position with a business administration, sales, or marketing focus.

Our Conferences and Events feature expert speakers delivering critical insight into cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models that will transform the way we live, work, and communicate in the future.

The WebGuild is a non-profit organization. A wide-range of prominent companies sponsor the activities of the WebGuild.

Executive Officers

Daya Baran, President
Daya Baran, President Daya is the President of the WebGuild. Previously he was the Founder of GRUUVE, a music search and recommendation engine and was previously the founder of Accencia Networks, an information search and storage retreival engine. Prior to this, Daya was the founder of Tristar Funds, a new economy fund, which became the top Internet Fund in Canada. Previously, he was a VP of Regional Sales for Infinity Funds. Daya holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.

Daya is a great believer in the power of the Web, its ability to empower and positively impact people, and make the world a better place. More>>

Reshma Kumar, Vice President, and User Experience Forum Chair
Reshma Kumar, Vice President and User Experience Forum Chair Reshma is the Vice President of WebGuild. Reshma is User Experience Specialist for VeriSign where she is responsible for defining the creative online brand of VeriSign's global family of internal and external Web sites. Prior to joining VeriSign, Reshma was at Intel, eBay, and Cisco. Reshma also writes on User Experience for the WebGuild Blog. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University, Certificate of Completion in Project Management Mastery from Stanford University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Information Systems Management at Harvard University. More>>